I'm Dr. Cathy Owens-Oliver!



I am who you are looking for

when you need a key collaborator on issues related to improving teaching and learning across your organization.

I  help teachers, school leaders, college faculty, and state agencies

solve problems from the inside, out!

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WHY SCHOOLS FUMBLE: Applying the End Zone Mindset to School Improvement explains why we keep "fumbling" in education and how YOU and other educators can change the game and get more students into the academic end zone,

especially after a pandemic.  


  • Served as a senior leader in 3 national ed orgs

  • Managed multi-mil dollar budgets/grants

  • Supervised more than 300 staff and volunteers

  • Solved problems for state boards, school districts, and EPPs in 46 of 50 states and in Canada

  • Coordinated numerous outreach programs for disadvantaged youth 

  • Published in magazines, journals, and textbooks

  • Spoken at hundreds of state and national conferences